June 9, 2023
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The Granny-Chic Interior Design Trend is Back With a New Spin


After the revival of the old-school wallpaper, it’s only fair that the granny-chic interior design would also resurface. This time, however, with a new and exciting spin. The classic “matchy-matchy decorating” style where you pick one dainty pattern and apply it to multiple pieces within a room is getting a modern makeover, mixing the new with the old.

Granny-Chic Interior Originated in 18th-Century Europe

Although many continue to associate granny-chic interiors with preppy, traditional all-American decors, the history of the design goes back to 18th-century Europe when intentional coordinating and intricate details really took off in the world of interior design. Allover patterns are gradually resurfacing both in their old-school and forward-thinking applications because of their timelessness. Whatever the base, an all-over pattern approach is the safest way to guarantee decor cohesion. It’s a classic for a reason.

It’s Visually Calming and Rhythmic

No matter how far and bold you’re willing to go with your granny-chic interior, you’re still bound to feel its calming presence. Matching the curtains or wallpaper to the upholstery is a cozy combination that always wins, says Chloe Wener of Redmond Aldrich Design. It’s where nostalgia meets the present day. Granny-inspired interiors, as the name suggests, are a nod to your grandmother’s home — a place of fond memories and matching cushions. By interpreting it into your own home, you’re also bringing an emotional connection to your place.

The Comeback Kid of the Design World

Judging by designers Tom Scheerer and Ashe Leandro, granny-chic interiors are here to stay, albeit in a slightly different way than they once looked. While you’re free to go all out on matching designs and textures, you can also take the road less traveled and mix not quite identical patterns to bring a fresh spin on the old concept. You can mix different floral patterns or unite around a common color. There are no rules!

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