June 9, 2023
12 Nov 2022

50 Incredible Custom Car Wraps

We have all been on the highway at one time or another. When we are driving, the vehicle next to us occasionally catches our eye. Well, one of the leading contenders that make us turn our heads is car wraps. Many can be outlandishly funny or sleek and cool. When we see creative ones, we cannot help but stare. If anyone does not know what a car wrap is, the item is basically a vehicle vinyl that someone covers a car to give it a different finish or color. The possibilities are endless. With car wraps, people have utilized the item to make some very unique creations. That is what we want to highlight. We have discovered some of the most clever, funny, different, and outstanding custom car wraps out there. As people are finding new ways to express their feelings and identities in new and creative ways. Car wraps is one of the ways people are able to do so much easier, since you can have absolutely any design printed on the vinyl for a car wrap. Please enjoy.

The Brick Mobile


If someone’s car drives like a stack of bricks, it might as well look like it too. Here we have a Volvo brick mobile. This wrap is incredibly detailed. Look around the wheels. The bricks are smaller and tiled to conform around the shape. We think that is very impressive. As for the rest of the bricks, it looks more meticulous than the typical wrap. Whoever did the styling seems to have made the bricks appear lifted while their mortar joints look lowered. It definitely gives it more of a “pop” than simply having a flat texture.

The Challenger Wrap


Look again – there is no Dodge Challenger Hemi here in this image. There is, however, a black Chevy van and an owner with a sense of humor. This will go down as one of the coolest vans we have ever seen. At night we bet it even looks more like a Challenger since the rest of the van will be harder to spot while the car wrap, on the other hand, is very bright neon green. So, if a Challenger does not have enough room, get a van that looks one.

Spider-Man Wrap


Usually, when we think of Japan and Spider-Man, that television show from the 70s comes to mind. However, here we have a 2000 Custom Toyota Celica. On top of the wrap, this car has a custom wide body kit on the exterior. Though hard to see from this picture, if anyone sees the back of the car, they’ll notice it is also painted blue like Spider-Man’s costume. We love those kinds of details. With 180 horsepower, drivers will feel like they can do whatever a spider can.

The Cool Bus


A Smart car dressed up as a school bus totally makes sense to us. You are going to school to get smarter, plus dropping the “S” in school just makes it that much more awesome. If someone comes to High School, it will turn everyone’s heads. A one seated bus with the word “cool” written on the side, it is impossible that the student driving this wouldn’t be the most popular person in their class. But seriously, we hope the wrapping was an easy process with a small car.

SpongeBob Wrap


We thought the Nissan Cube already looked like SpongeBob SquarePants, so this wrap seems like a perfect fit. We like the wrap because it blends perfectly into the decal on the back window. It cannot be easy to line those things up. If nobody has seen “SpongeBob,” it is an animated comedy that began on Nickelodeon in 1999. If someone is interested, we suggest watching seasons 1-3 and the movie because those are the episodes people will quote after they see this driving around.

Rubik’s Cube


A “Nissan Cube,” more like a “Rubik’s Cube.”  We think this car wrap is really clever. It makes us want to pick it up and start rotating it around. The design of the Nissan Cube makes it the perfect canvas for something like this wrap. If there are Rubik’s Cube enthusiasts out there, a Nissan Cube is their perfect vehicle, and the wrap would be icing on the cake. We like the details, such as the correct colors; we just wish we could rearrange the stickers to win.



Quick, to the Bassmobile. If anyone has a fisher in the family, this would be a perfect gift for them; a pickup truck wrapped like a bass. Imagine their surprise on Christmas morning. If nothing else, it would make for interesting conversations. Personally, if anyone catches a lot of fish, they do not need to get a car wrap, but if someone is terrible at it, maybe making a truck look like one is the way to go. For the average Joe, they’d see this vehicle and say, “yeah, that guy is probably a good fisherman.”

The Turtle Cap


Fittingly, the company that completed this wrap is called Turtle Transit. The business focuses on crafting mobile market vehicles in Hudson, MA. We think they did an excellent job because no one on the street will miss seeing this car. Wraps like these will definitely be a way to set a vehicle apart from everyone else’s. Also, people can get really creative with a Volkswagen Beetle. We mean, it already looks like a turtle shell. It just needed the head.

When You Got To Go


We will admit we find this car wrap funny and witty. However, we would not be caught with our pants down driving it. But hey, the man in the photo is committed. He is even wearing the same clothes as the guy on the car wrap. This seems to be some advertising for a business. We wish we could look at the company’s finances to see if the car wrap effectively brought new customers or scared them away. But we are sure they are number one or number two at what they do.

Going Plaid


If anyone is not a fan of Ferraris, they probably think this car wrap is hilarious. If we did not find some humor in decking out a car likely worth over $100,000 in plaid, we’d be lying. But seriously, we question people’s decisions sometimes. We are not the kind of group that goes around telling people what they should and should not spend their money on, but there had to be something better than this. Maybe this car is one of those modern art pieces where they take some beauty and make it unpleasant. That is our guess anyway.

The Lambo-Van


We love optical illusions. If an owner of a van wanted to make people think they had a sports car, they might be able to pull it off for a minute or two. In any case, that second glance at a vehicle makes these wraps perfect for advertising. Other drivers will look at this vehicle and look at it again to confirm if what they are seeing is real. Then their eyes will glance at the business or product. That is not a bad way to get a couple of new eyes. Whether or not that translates into sales, we don’t have the numbers.

The Pizza Corvette


Ventura County restaurant chain owner Dan Collier owns this C3 Corvette. His restaurants have the fitting name PizzaManDan’s. Collier had the car wrapped with a pizza picture covered with cheese and pepperoni. The wrap is obviously for promotional purposes, and we bet it works. There is nothing better than seeing America’s favorite sports car covered in America’s favorite food. Collier brought this to the 31st annual International Pizza Expo in 2015, where pictures of this Corvette spread like a wild fire. We didn’t even know Pizza Expos were a thing.

Louis Vuitton Bugatti Chiron


If anyone can afford a Bugatti Chiron, they cannot go wrong. Well, we take that back; there are multiple ways. One of them is adding this car wrap. We will fill everyone in for those not even sure what they are looking at when they see this vehicle. The pattern is from the fashion company Louis Vuitton. People can usually spot this look on bags or other goods. We think it appears fine on certain products, but not so much on a car. We believe if they went with all tan or black that would be incredible. However if anyone is a fan of the company, there is undoubtedly a charm to this piece.

Finding Fiat


This one is neat. It is a Fiat 500 dressed up as clownfish. The paint pattern is bright and colorful. Plus, it would be fun to “swim” through a “sea” of traffic. Though don’t actually drive the vehicle into the water. Something tells us it will not float. Also, the Fiat 500 is a pretty small car. It makes sense why out of every creature in the ocean they could go with, the car stylist chose a clownfish because let’s be honest, the Fiat 500 somewhat resembles a clown car.



Someone saw a Mercedes-Benz C-Class and said, “that looks like a snake.” After witnessing this car wrap, we see it entirely. The vehicle’s shape and the headlights are definitely reminiscent of everyone’s favorite reptile. The wrap just brings all those characteristics to the forefront. Speaking about the car wrap, the detail is excellent. The scale pattern has so many shapes and sizes, just like natural snakeskin. We can almost reach out and feel it. We just do not want the Mercedes-Benz to bite us.

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